Fabulous Fall Fashion

Hey all,

As you know fall has moved in, and it’s turned our sundresses into scarves. Bringing incredible beauty with it. I was inspired and wanted to share  four of my favourite outfits for this beautiful season. I’d love to see some of yours as well!

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Outfit 1:

Jewelry: Sirens

Clutch: Aldo

Boots: Le Chateau

Dress: Ross

Outfit 2:

Boots/Shoes/Jewelry: Ardene

Jeans: Freddy Jeans

Shirt: Express


Outfit 3:

Boots/Sweater: Le Chateau

Jeans: Guess

Hat/Belt: Rue 21


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Outfit 4:

Jeans: Freddy Jeans

Scarf: Aritzia

Shirt: Pseudio

Boots: Sirens

Jewelry : Le Chateau


Brow Game: Strong

For those of you who love beauty fails you are going to really enjoy this! About a month ago I decided to dye my hair due to my roots being grown out. I went to the store, picked up the typical box dye on the shelf as I normally do and headed home. 30 minutes later my hair was orange. Ahhh! Horrifying right? It gets worse.

In a petrified panic I sped back to the store! There was no way I was going to willingly go to work Monday morning looking like a carrot head. I bought another box off the shelf, (different brand of course) and tried to fix it. I sadly have to admit that this did not fix it but actually made it worse. Usually at this point logic would kick in and say, ” You tried and failed, and now it’s time to go to the salon.” BUT NO! Not me… for I am far to persistent then that!

If you had to guess how many times I dyed my hair, how many would it be? Three times? Four? Nope. You would be wrong! I dyed my hair 7 times! If any of you are wondering that is 6 more times then the recommended amount on the box. Yes I am ashamed, yes I thought my hair was going to fall out, and no it did not fix it. Now I know you read the blog title and thought you were going to hear some wisdom on brows, and I promise you that we will get there, after this amazing story on my hair!

After many tears and much encouragement from my sweet husband I gave in and decided to head to the salon. I know some of you read that and let out a sigh of relief. Some of us learn the easy way and others have to dye their hair SEVEN times to realize that they are NOT a professional hairstylist. The talented hairstylist dyed my hair a beautiful blonde shade that I was unable to attain on my own. The only problem being is my brows were a dark brown and my hair was a light blonde.

This is where my guidance comes into play:


I used Jolen Mild creme bleach to get my eyebrows a lighter shade. I only had to leave the creme on for a couple minutes for it to work. The nice thing is you get some much product that you can wipe it off your brows if you are feeling like it’s been on them to long, and reapply whenever new growth happens. It is extremely easy to use and worth checking out. Switching to a lighter look meant a lighter brow pencil. I went with the NYX Brow pencil in Taupe. It is actually a dupe for the Anastasia brow pencil so it is extremely affordable!! And below is my end result!


Please comment below with your thoughts or more importantly stories of your own beauty fails. I would love to hear them all! I love you all lots, thanks for stopping by!