Redeeming Love

Can you remember back to when you were a child in gym class? The teacher would announce a game that the class was going to play and assign two team captains. For those of you who were exceptional at sports this was an exciting time! You had a clearly defined vision of how you were going to lead your team to victory, and everybody knew it. Not only did they know it but they wanted to be apart of that vision.

The team captains would fight over who could go first, so they could get the first pick, calling out the names of those who would be joining their team. The captain who lost the opportunity of “first pick” would let out a sigh and try to realign his team to find the next best player… and hopefully try to get a few good players after that.

For those of you who were not as naturally talented at sports, your main goals consisted of: Being on a friends team, Being on a team with the best players, or not getting picked last. Any of which you would be happy with!

The names would get called one at a time, and with each passing name there was a realization that your goals had changed from being on your friends team or the winning team, to not getting called last. As fewer and fewer people remained, the pressure of getting your name called rose, and hearing your name became a profound sense of achievement. For those of you who were picked last, there was a sense of shame and discouragement that set in. Unspoken words told you that you were rejected and not good enough. Although there may have been some truth to you not being a skilled player, there was still a desire to feel to security of someone knowing your worth and picking you anyways.

Although this specific analogy may not be relevant to every single one of you, there may in fact be a deep wound in your heart where someone told you that you weren’t good enough and my goal tonight is to restore some hope in that area.

When I was younger I struggled in Math… and when I say I struggled I mean that EVERY year when Math class rolled around there was a cloud of doom that would wash over me. Some of you may recognize that agonizing feeling I am talking about. When I got to Jr. High the struggle continued; and by the time High School rolled around it didn’t stop. In my last 3 years of High School, I failed 4 math classes. Since my childhood my teachers would tell me that I wasn’t good at Math, but in all honesty I could have told them that myself. It was reinforced so many times in my internal belief systems, that I never had any hope that I would be good at it. I put in many, many HOURS after school with my parents and teachers. Although at times I would get a passing grade, there was never a moment I felt as though my hard work paid off. It felt as though the Math boat was a sinking ship and once school was over, I could put it to rest at the bottom of the ocean.

Although this was my view on it, I can tell you it wasn’t the Lord’s. To my surprise a couple years after high school, I got hired for a position that I felt completely unqualified for. Not only did I have NO prior experience in the position, but at the time the economy in my city was the worst it had been in years. About 300 people applied for the job, and they choose me… The girl who was told by numerous Math teachers, that I was no good and shouldn’t pursue anything related to the subject. The company made hundreds of thousands a dollars a month, and required ME to look after their accounts, and required accounting skills that I did not have. It took some time at the start, but I eventually mastered the job. Not only did I become fluent at what I did, but I was told by numerous managers that I had done better then anyone had in the last 15 years in the position.

After that job I was hired for another position, that I felt was incredibly out of my league. This job once again required skills I did not yet carry. The position was for both bookkeeping and payroll. Both ironically involving a skill that according to many people in my past- I should not be involved in. I don’t believe that I got either position on my own accord. I think that there were several people who were more qualified, that would have excelled in both positions. However that wasn’t the point. I believe that the Lord picked a seemingly low spot in my life that several people had reaffirmed I would never excel at and graciously pointed out that He is the God of the impossibilities. A lie that the Devil tried to root in me at a young age, God turned around and used it for my good.

I not only believe that the Lord will do it again in my life, but I believe that He will do it in every one of your lives, if you allow Him. Big circumstance or small circumstances. It’s scriptural:

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:27-29:

27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him.

The world sees you based on your skill set and what you can give, but God looks beyond. He enables you to do things in your life that without Him you would be unable to do. He shames the Devil with the very lies that He tries to instill in your heart and God turns your weaknesses into strength. A gracious, loving Father has a desire in your heart for you to succeed! Think about it! All the Lord requires from you is your Yes! He wants your heart. He wants you to give over your ambitions and desires to Him, and takes you farther than you could ever have gotten on your own. It’s beautiful isn’t it? He does it for His glory, however through it all you’re glorified as well.

In the gym class the Lord is the coach, and He chooses you first. There is no hesitation when He calls your name. He doesn’t have a long list of qualifications that you have to meet. He see’s you in your weakness and with your flaws and wants you on His team.  He is calling you all into greater levels with Him. The Bible says, “God the Father is no respecter of persons.” Which means what He does for one, He will do for another. He will use every weapon the enemy formed against you FOR GOOD. Take that as your promise tonight.




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