Dreams do come true

Hey guys,

I am about to come up on my one year anniversary of marriage with Michael, and in honor of that I would love to share some photos of our wedding day with you! For those of you who don’t know, me and Michael dated for about a little over a year and a half before we got engaged.

We decided that we wanted to get married that same year instead of waiting another year for a summer wedding, which ultimately meant planning our wedding in 4 months!! This was an absolutely crazy task to take on. We were so blessed with family and friends who supported us and dropped everything to drive and fly in from different places around the world just to be there with us. As well as family who went out of their way to help out with wedding related tasks while we were stuck working during the day.

Our wedding party consisted of some of our favorite people: Josh, Evan and Kevin were the groomsmen. And Yana, Katie and Kendra were my beautiful bridesmaids. Along with a photo of our pastor Ken, who was absolutely wonderful. We were absolutely so blessed to have all of them there!

The boys waited…


And waited ..


And waited…


For us to show up.

While they were waiting me and the girls were improvising on hair and makeup, while speeding down the highway to the church. After a stressful morning, we ended up making it to the church. Our lateness did come with a price of several panicked phone calls, checking to make sure that we were indeed still planning on showing up.


And after having to be sown into dresses, a quick makeover and prayer meeting we were ready to roll!

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I had the privilege of standing in front of my closest friends and family and confessing my love for a man who walked into my life and change everything. He has completely ravished my heart.

The night before we stood at the alter in our rehearsal having a hard time holding it together. We had waited for each other for years: Praying, wishing and hoping that this day would come. And it finally did! And our hearts were overflowing with joy. That look he gave me on the alter he gives me quite often. He always protects me, and my heart. He constantly tells me I’m beautiful and takes care of all of my needs. He is everything I wanted and more, a true answer to prayer.

It was so much fun being able share in this day with people who have been at our sides through the thick and thin. I cannot express what joy I still have from looking back and being able to celebrate such a huge milestone. Thank you for letting me walk down memory lane with tonight. As much as the wedding day was beautiful our marriage is even more extravagant as we continue to grow in love. I wish the same for every single one of you who are reading my post. A marriage where you are fulfilled and delighted in, just as you were created to be.

Much love from me and my hubby to you and your families.


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